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Mobile application for airline


One of our works is a mobile application allowing users to book and buy tickets of a small British airline that transports passengers on short routes in the EU countries and in the UK. As a result, we made not only a full-fledged service for searching and buying air tickets, but also a convenient tool for airline staff helping them track and manage flights.

We divided the development into 2 stages: functionality for passengers and functionality for airline personnel.

According to NDA policy this project is presented in portfolio without name and links.

For passengers, this is the search, booking and purchase of tickets. It works like other major airlines: the user sets the desired dates and direction of the flight and receives the search results.

Then user can compare prices and transfer options and choose the best option for air travel: direct or with a convenient transfer. For the selected flight, the user sees all the necessary information.

There is also a possibility of booking seats on a flight and buying tickets not only for yourself, but also for other passengers. To purchase tickets for them, you need to add them as new users and fill in their details. For users convenience, we save passengers data so that you do not have to re-enter it during subsequent bookings – you can simply select a passenger, and the data will be automatically entered.

Purchased tickets are available in bookings screen, user can send them to email, and if plans have changed, return them. And if users have any questions, they can contact the manager using the feedback form directly from the application.

Another convenient option we have developed is the ability to call a taxi from the airport to the address the user needs.

At the second stage, we added new user roles: pilot, administrator, and operator.

Administrators have access to the functionality of receiving tickets and transactions reports according to selected parameters (for example, for a certain period or for a certain flight).

Users with the “Pilot” role using the application can track their flights (both upcoming and completed), as well as board passengers on board by scanning QR codes on tickets.

“Operator” has the ability to track all active flights, if necessary, change their status to any desired one and board passengers in the same way as a pilot.

In general, the project is one of our most interesting. We developed using Flutter technology (cross-platform development). A lot of work has been done on interaction with the server, since the work of all the functionality is carried out using the server.


Flutter, RESTful API

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