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FStatus — Construction equipment for rent

FStatus mobile apps provide a universal service for everyone involved in the rental of special equipment and the supply of building materials. FStatus is helpful for those who are looking for special equipment and materials – it allows quickly navigate the market prices and find the best offer absolutely free of charge. This service allows to order any construction machinery or equipment, vehicles for transporting goods, materials necessary for work of any complexity, as well as small-scale mechanization tools and special tools. Our company has been developing mobile apps for Android and iOS.

iOS and Android versions are developen natively, i.e. we’ve saved all features of the operating systems of devices. A large number of edits and improvements were made in the both apps, which made it possible to bring them to release versions. The apps contain My Profile, lists of tenders, orders, contracts and much more. Every list contains all kinds of filters and sorting, which makes it easier to work with it. During our work we have also improved authorization and registration including SMS registration. Various stages of work with the order were upgraded – their display, change, update.

In addition, we have improved the interaction with the user’s balance within the application, as well as the refinement of incoming notifications and their storage in history. The main task was to make the work of apps stable and bring them to release reliably operationing. Since we were finalizing apps, the development of which had previously been started by other developers, it was necessary not only to fix all the bugs, but also to add new functionality saving the architecture not to interfere with the already debugged stable operation and lead to new errors. We coped with this task successfully – the work of apps was stabilized, the necessary functionality was added with the possibility of convenient modification in the future.

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