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Cryptomall — crypto wallet & p2p exchanger


CryptoMall is a cryptocurrency wallet and P2P exchanger designed for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies and fiat funds. The app displays current exchange rates and exchange pairs and organizes P2P exchanges. According to NDA policy, this project is presented in our portfolio without name and links.

To use this app users should sign up or log in. Users can sign up with their email. After registration, they need to pass verification for security purposes. Authorization is possible in several ways: with PIN code, FaceID, and TouchID.

When the user is logged in, he sees his total balance on the app’s main screen. The overall balance is based on summing up all the user’s assets and is displayed in USD (or in the selected equivalent, the currency is selected in the settings). It is possible also to view the balance for each currency separately. The following currencies are available in the app: BTC, ETH, USDT (erc20 and trc20), and TRX. The same screen displays current exchange rates and trends.

During the work with the project, we have developed the function of P2P exchange. The app analyses user exchange suggestions and forms exchange rates based on these suggestions automatically.

Every user can create 4 wallets in the app. When a user logs in, a personal wallet is generated for him. This wallet is registered in the blockchain of the system to which the wallet belongs. Information about private keys is encrypted and stored on the server, it is used only for transfers or other actions with the balance. Only owner can manage the wallet.

The application has a chat between the seller and the buyer. In case of problems with transactions, the manager can connect to this chat. The manager also arbitrates in case of problems with transactions – he checks all the details and influences the frozen funds in the transaction.

Swift, Kotlin

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