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Mobile application for Realty management

Working with Real Estate Management LLC we have developed a cross-platform mobile application that allows users to manage the objects of this company and provides information about clients and objects of this company.

One of our tasks was to implement 3 user roles with different levels of rights: owner, manager, and administrator. After authorization, the user sees a list of his real estate objects on the main page. For each object, the characteristics, operating rules, analytical and actual indicators of the object are displayed on this screen. It is important that the actual indicators are calculated automatically based on the characteristics entered by the user.

In the mobile application on the main screen, we implemented various filters so that objects can be sorted by name or address, and also developed a search for objects by characteristics – name, address, and area.

We have implemented the ability to attach files (photo or document) to each field with the object characteristics while adding or editing objects. For each object in the “Maintenance” section, a history of all expenses is available. These expenses are categorized by expense items.

We also developed a web-administrator panel for user management. Only users with the “Administrator” role have access to the admin panel. Other users of the mobile application (“Owner” and “Manager”) are displayed in the admin panel in the form of a table. For tables, we have developed the search, sorting, and pagination functions.

Flutter, Firebase, PHP, Symfony, Bootstrap

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