Shark Develop is the company developing mobile apps for iOS and Android

FStatus — Construction equipment for rent

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FStatus — Construction equipment for rent

FStatus mobile apps provide a universal service for everyone involved in the rental of special equipment and the supply of building materials. FStatus is helpful for those who are looking for special equipment and materials – it allows quickly navigate the market prices and find the best offer absolutely free of charge. This service allows to order any construction machinery or equipment, vehicles for transporting goods, materials necessary for work of any complexity, as well as small-scale mechanization tools and special tools. Our company has been developing mobile apps for Android and iOS.

iOS and Android versions are developen natively, i.e. we’ve saved all features of the operating systems of devices. A large number of edits and improvements were made in the both apps, which made it possible to bring them to release versions. The apps contain My Profile, lists of tenders, orders, contracts and much more. Every list contains all kinds of filters and sorting, which makes it easier to work with it. During our work we have also improved authorization and registration including SMS registration. Various stages of work with the order were upgraded – their display, change, update.

In addition, we have improved the interaction with the user’s balance within the application, as well as the refinement of incoming notifications and their storage in history. The main task was to make the work of apps stable and bring them to release reliably operationing. Since we were finalizing apps, the development of which had previously been started by other developers, it was necessary not only to fix all the bugs, but also to add new functionality saving the architecture not to interfere with the already debugged stable operation and lead to new errors. We coped with this task successfully – the work of apps was stabilized, the necessary functionality was added with the possibility of convenient modification in the future.

Mobile application for airline

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Mobile application for airline


One of our works is a mobile application allowing users to book and buy tickets of a small British airline that transports passengers on short routes in the EU countries and in the UK. As a result, we made not only a full-fledged service for searching and buying air tickets, but also a convenient tool for airline staff helping them track and manage flights.

We divided the development into 2 stages: functionality for passengers and functionality for airline personnel.

According to NDA policy this project is presented in portfolio without name and links.

For passengers, this is the search, booking and purchase of tickets. It works like other major airlines: the user sets the desired dates and direction of the flight and receives the search results.

Then user can compare prices and transfer options and choose the best option for air travel: direct or with a convenient transfer. For the selected flight, the user sees all the necessary information.

There is also a possibility of booking seats on a flight and buying tickets not only for yourself, but also for other passengers. To purchase tickets for them, you need to add them as new users and fill in their details. For users convenience, we save passengers data so that you do not have to re-enter it during subsequent bookings – you can simply select a passenger, and the data will be automatically entered.

Purchased tickets are available in bookings screen, user can send them to email, and if plans have changed, return them. And if users have any questions, they can contact the manager using the feedback form directly from the application.

Another convenient option we have developed is the ability to call a taxi from the airport to the address the user needs.

At the second stage, we added new user roles: pilot, administrator, and operator.

Administrators have access to the functionality of receiving tickets and transactions reports according to selected parameters (for example, for a certain period or for a certain flight).

Users with the “Pilot” role using the application can track their flights (both upcoming and completed), as well as board passengers on board by scanning QR codes on tickets.

“Operator” has the ability to track all active flights, if necessary, change their status to any desired one and board passengers in the same way as a pilot.

In general, the project is one of our most interesting. We developed using Flutter technology (cross-platform development). A lot of work has been done on interaction with the server, since the work of all the functionality is carried out using the server.


Flutter, RESTful API

Contactless Intercom

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Contactless Intercom

With this mobile app you can gain the access to buildings equipped with the intercom. Using contactless NFC or Bluetooth technologies, the app transferes an access code to to the reader, and the door opens this way.

Only authorized users can use the app, because the access is unique for each user. To authorize you need a mobile phone – you must enter the confirmation code sent by SMS to the specified number.

Only one intercom can be added to the app, so the app can’t become a unique chip for all doors. To add an intercom, you must enter its individual number.

If the intercom is added, the app immediately sends an access code to the intercom reader via NFC or Bluetooth when it’s launched.

Adding an intercom and receiving an access code to it is possible only for those users who have got a paid subscription. After the subscription is expired, the functionality of the intercom key is blocked.

The data transfer between the reader and the device is encrypted to prevent the key from being intercepted and used on another device.

We have also developed the function “free hands” – the door will be opened automatically when the user reaches the adjusted distance. Users can set the distance in settings, and the key will work automatically via NFC or Bluetooth, so there is no need to take the phone in hand and bring it to the reader.

We consider the idea quite interesting and useful both for use and implementation. During the development process, we worked on various solutions, including interaction with NFC and Bluetooth. As result, you can not to take keys always with you, just get the phone and bring it to the reader.


Kotlin, SwiftUI, NFC, Bluetooth, Firebase

JBC Watch Tracker

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JBC Watch Tracker

The app works with smart watch and is developed specially for parents. It determines child’s location, notifies parents about location changes, works as pedometer, and also provides the ability to limit the contacts of the child’s phone book.

JBC Watch Tracker is available on iOS and Android. It works in interacts with server that provides the connection of app and watch. The main feature of the app is child’s geolocation and and its displaying on the map. The signal from watch is transfered to server and displaued in the app on parent’s smartphone.

Parents can mark the boundaries on the map, and if a child goes beyond these boundaries, this information will also be transferred to the app through the server, and a parent will receive a notification.

Also our team has developed the opportunity for parents to limit contacts of the child’s phone book – a parent can determine who can call his child and whom his child can call. A difficult task, which we successfully coped with, was the implementation of the school mode. It is the ability to block child’s watch during the lessons. How it works: parents can set the time for each day when the child’s watch will be blocked, so that nothing distracts from studying. There is the ability to set different time for each day ot set one time and apply it for the wgole week.

An additional feature developed by our team is a pedometer that tracks the child’s activity. The activity statistics is also transfered via server to the app, and parents can check charts for the week, month and year in their app.

DeskAlerts corporate notifications

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DeskAlerts corporate notifications

Mobile apps for enterprise notifications solution from DeskAlerts. These apps allow to receive messages sent from a corporate server not only to a computer but also to a mobile phone. It’s necessary in many huge Western companies with a staff of several hundred to several tens of thousands of employees. That’s why message delivery is needed not only for specific employees, but also for groups of employees according to department, position or division.

When message is sent to a user who has a mobile application, he receives a push notification on his device. When he taps it, the app launchs and user sees the sent message with the original formatting and design of the message.

iOS and Android versions are developen natively, i.e. we’ve saved all features of the operating systems of devices based on Material Design. All apps contain a history of received messages with various filters and searches, and also pages of various settings. To use the app, it’s needed to specify the server of the company where the DeskAlerts software is installed. The app will check its availability and allow users to log in with their work account.

An important task during the development was to save the message appearance in its original form that is set and made up on the server by its sender. This task included several subtasks such as saving the message frame, the layout of the informational message, and also the functionality of the controls inside the message, such as various buttons, polls, etc. In addition, all received information is stored in a local database, which allows users to have access to previously read messages even without access to the working server.

Online pharmacy Zhivika

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Online pharmacy Zhivika

Zhivika mobile app is an online pharmacy providing its customers with additional convenience. For example, user can always find the nearest pharmacy to him, book the necessary medicines, get the necessary information about the product. The app is developed for Android from scratch by us. The development was based on the customer’s specifications and graphic layouts.

One of the most important requirements of the customer was an interaction with maps. Our tasks were:

  • search the nearest pharmacy;
  • displaying all pharmacies while zooming;
  • combining points or dividing them into several ones depending on the map scale.

To implement the map we used Google Maps API. The main difficulty was to display markers in accordance to the customer’s design while scaling the map, and show the number of pharmacy points.

In addition, we have made a convenient viewing and choosing of medicines taking into account their diversity and and a huge amount of information on them. That’s why we added a filter allowing users search medicines by various parameters and find what they need exactly. Since the amount of data is large, the list is not loaded all at once, but gradually when scrolling through the list, so that users avoid delays in work and quickly get a response to their requests. Products are presented in the form of cards, which include information about the product, photos, users reviews and ratings.
Java, SQLite

Online cinema and TV — Respect Korea

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Online cinema and TV — Respect Korea

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This is an online cinema, as well as IP TV player for subscribers of the Respect Korea provider operating in the Republic of Korea. The provider broadcasts in Russian for Russian-speaking migrants. The app contains a TV and a Movie sections. TV provides users with a large list of Russian TV channels. In the Movies section, there is a huge database of movies, divided by genres. Users get the special Key, which provides the access to the app.

The project was completely developed by our team from scratch. The app works on Android console as well as on iOS and Android devices. For users convenience, we developed a option of remote control for console and touch screen control for smartphone. The app allows users to watch the TV program of channels without interrupting the viewing. For ease of searching, channels are divided into sections.

Many channels contain an archive of TV programs, so that users can view programs that have already passed. The player also contains all the necessary functions for comfortable viewing control – convenient pauses and rewinds, resuming viewing from a stop, annotations for films and TV shows, etc.

MyBook online library

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MyBook online library

MyBook is a subscription service that provides access to a catalog of books.Our task was to develop a mobile application for Windows 10 from scratch. The application allows a person to search for books and read them unlimitedly during the duration of a paid subscription. The user cannot extract and download the book. Thus, the application consists of two main parts – a library and an electronic reader that allows users to open and read books directly in the application.

The application for Windows 10 is a UWP application, which allows you to use it both for smartphones with Windows 10, and on personal computers, laptops and tablets. The application is made by native means in a convenient and attractive design. An important part of the work was to ensure an interaction between other versions implemented earlier. So, while reading a book on Windows Phone, you can easily continue reading on any other device: iOS, Android or in a computer browser thanks to the synchronization mechanism and saving reading progress.

We also have updated the application for Android. During this task we have replaced the outdated search for an up-to-date one. The new search is more convenient, the results are splitted into categories, different filters are available. In addition, we have developed an extra functionality: bookshelves and sections, e.g. “My books”. A shelf is a group of books that has a title and a list of books. It is stored in the user profile on the server. This functionality allows the user to sort books into any categories and place them on separate shelves. This feature allows users to quickly find the needed book.

C#, UWP, Prism, SQLite

iTopica — communication trainer

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iTopica — communication trainer

iTopica is a communication trainer for improving the negotiation and soft skills, which are so important for the career and business. Training process is made as fights with live opponents. At the end of the fight, the participants evaluate each other and can be evaluated by other users of the app.

Our task was to provide the interaction of 5 parts responsible for different functions:

  • Protobrain platform – for autorization, users and battles records storage;
  • Server – for storage of the whole battles data;
  • Mobile app – for iOS and Android;
  • Matching server – for battles synchronization;
  • OpenTalk service – for video chats via WebRTC technology

Only authorized users can take part in battles for the best communicative skills. After the authorization users are able to see:

  • The list of opponents;
  • Duels and list of cases for battles;
  • Tasks for refereeing

It’s needed to find an opponent before the battle. Fights take place through a video call. 2 players participate in the duel, each gets 1 of 2 roles. There are 2 rounds, in the second one players change their roles.

Tasks for refereeing are an opportunity to view records of other users battles and judge which of them won.

We also implemented the “invite a friend” function, which allows users to invite a person who is not an iTopica user to a duel.

Java, Swift, WebRTC, Protobrain