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DeskAlerts corporate notifications

Mobile apps for enterprise notifications solution from DeskAlerts. These apps allow to receive messages sent from a corporate server not only to a computer but also to a mobile phone. It’s necessary in many huge Western companies with a staff of several hundred to several tens of thousands of employees. That’s why message delivery is needed not only for specific employees, but also for groups of employees according to department, position or division.

When message is sent to a user who has a mobile application, he receives a push notification on his device. When he taps it, the app launchs and user sees the sent message with the original formatting and design of the message.

iOS and Android versions are developen natively, i.e. we’ve saved all features of the operating systems of devices based on Material Design. All apps contain a history of received messages with various filters and searches, and also pages of various settings. To use the app, it’s needed to specify the server of the company where the DeskAlerts software is installed. The app will check its availability and allow users to log in with their work account.

An important task during the development was to save the message appearance in its original form that is set and made up on the server by its sender. This task included several subtasks such as saving the message frame, the layout of the informational message, and also the functionality of the controls inside the message, such as various buttons, polls, etc. In addition, all received information is stored in a local database, which allows users to have access to previously read messages even without access to the working server.

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