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Online pharmacy Zhivika

Zhivika mobile app is an online pharmacy providing its customers with additional convenience. For example, user can always find the nearest pharmacy to him, book the necessary medicines, get the necessary information about the product. The app is developed for Android from scratch by us. The development was based on the customer’s specifications and graphic layouts.

One of the most important requirements of the customer was an interaction with maps. Our tasks were:

  • search the nearest pharmacy;
  • displaying all pharmacies while zooming;
  • combining points or dividing them into several ones depending on the map scale.

To implement the map we used Google Maps API. The main difficulty was to display markers in accordance to the customer’s design while scaling the map, and show the number of pharmacy points.

In addition, we have made a convenient viewing and choosing of medicines taking into account their diversity and and a huge amount of information on them. That’s why we added a filter allowing users search medicines by various parameters and find what they need exactly. Since the amount of data is large, the list is not loaded all at once, but gradually when scrolling through the list, so that users avoid delays in work and quickly get a response to their requests. Products are presented in the form of cards, which include information about the product, photos, users reviews and ratings.
Java, SQLite

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