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JBC Watch Tracker

The app works with smart watch and is developed specially for parents. It determines child’s location, notifies parents about location changes, works as pedometer, and also provides the ability to limit the contacts of the child’s phone book.

JBC Watch Tracker is available on iOS and Android. It works in interacts with server that provides the connection of app and watch. The main feature of the app is child’s geolocation and and its displaying on the map. The signal from watch is transfered to server and displaued in the app on parent’s smartphone.

Parents can mark the boundaries on the map, and if a child goes beyond these boundaries, this information will also be transferred to the app through the server, and a parent will receive a notification.

Also our team has developed the opportunity for parents to limit contacts of the child’s phone book – a parent can determine who can call his child and whom his child can call. A difficult task, which we successfully coped with, was the implementation of the school mode. It is the ability to block child’s watch during the lessons. How it works: parents can set the time for each day when the child’s watch will be blocked, so that nothing distracts from studying. There is the ability to set different time for each day ot set one time and apply it for the wgole week.

An additional feature developed by our team is a pedometer that tracks the child’s activity. The activity statistics is also transfered via server to the app, and parents can check charts for the week, month and year in their app.

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