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iTopica — communication trainer

iTopica is a communication trainer for improving the negotiation and soft skills, which are so important for the career and business. Training process is made as fights with live opponents. At the end of the fight, the participants evaluate each other and can be evaluated by other users of the app.

Our task was to provide the interaction of 5 parts responsible for different functions:

  • Protobrain platform – for autorization, users and battles records storage;
  • Server – for storage of the whole battles data;
  • Mobile app – for iOS and Android;
  • Matching server – for battles synchronization;
  • OpenTalk service – for video chats via WebRTC technology

Only authorized users can take part in battles for the best communicative skills. After the authorization users are able to see:

  • The list of opponents;
  • Duels and list of cases for battles;
  • Tasks for refereeing

It’s needed to find an opponent before the battle. Fights take place through a video call. 2 players participate in the duel, each gets 1 of 2 roles. There are 2 rounds, in the second one players change their roles.

Tasks for refereeing are an opportunity to view records of other users battles and judge which of them won.

We also implemented the “invite a friend” function, which allows users to invite a person who is not an iTopica user to a duel.

Java, Swift, WebRTC, Protobrain

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