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MyBook online library

MyBook is a subscription service that provides access to a catalog of books.Our task was to develop a mobile application for Windows 10 from scratch. The application allows a person to search for books and read them unlimitedly during the duration of a paid subscription. The user cannot extract and download the book. Thus, the application consists of two main parts – a library and an electronic reader that allows users to open and read books directly in the application.

The application for Windows 10 is a UWP application, which allows you to use it both for smartphones with Windows 10, and on personal computers, laptops and tablets. The application is made by native means in a convenient and attractive design. An important part of the work was to ensure an interaction between other versions implemented earlier. So, while reading a book on Windows Phone, you can easily continue reading on any other device: iOS, Android or in a computer browser thanks to the synchronization mechanism and saving reading progress.

We also have updated the application for Android. During this task we have replaced the outdated search for an up-to-date one. The new search is more convenient, the results are splitted into categories, different filters are available. In addition, we have developed an extra functionality: bookshelves and sections, e.g. “My books”. A shelf is a group of books that has a title and a list of books. It is stored in the user profile on the server. This functionality allows the user to sort books into any categories and place them on separate shelves. This feature allows users to quickly find the needed book.

C#, UWP, Prism, SQLite

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